March 18th, 2013

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Sunday Snippet

And here you thought all I could post is donkey art. :P

While I think my illustrations definitely count as snippets of my weekly creative output, I'm also going to post a word snippet because I've been writing on that chapter I vowed to finish this week. Technically, my week is gone and done and I have failed because it is after midnight here. However, according to my rules--and since I'm the one who made the promise to myself, my rules are The Rules--my week is not over until I go to bed (well, sleep; I'm already in bed). So, a short pause from wordslinging to snippet:

      Sola hoped she had the sense to stay away from the Academy and out of sight for a while.
      The trader glanced between the retreating scribe and the hulking shadow. Desperate, or stupid, the trader advanced on the shadow. “Who are you? What is it you do, always watching me?”
      Without deigning to acknowledge the trader’s existence, the shadow resumed his place beneath the rain tree. The trader followed him.
      Stupid, Sola decided. Fiercely so.

And now back to writing. Finish chapter or bust!
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Problem with LJ

I haven't been getting comment notifications all day. Is anyone else having this problem?

ETA: I just found them all in my spam folder.

ETA2: I just found a message that is a month old, and apparently those over a month are deleted. Who knows what I missed. If you have been waiting for me to get back to you about something, please comment here or send me a message. :-/
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Donkeys, Day 9

What is that saying about hell and good intentions? I think I added a few paving stones today. :P

Oh well, I did do the donkey part of my illustration. I just didn't get in the other details I wanted to include. You can see on the bottom that I was going to put in the eponymous slippers from the story (and the baby wearing them, too, which was visible before I cropped the image), but the day had other plans. Days of mine (yours, too?) have a way of taking over like that.

9 Acrylic Donkey
"Curious Donkey," Acrylic on paper
Now I intend to clean my paintbrushes and head to bed.  Will I make it or will the road to hell get a little free construction work?