February 20th, 2013

critters: maki - tasty

Oh, come, Mr Tally Man, tally me banana

The bananas here in Egypt aren't quite as good as they were in Mayotte (you can't get a lot of different varieties, either), but they are so much better than the supermarket offerings in France.  You can, of course, buy them in the store here, but they are better fresh off the cart where the hands are still in a bunch.


And did I mention cheaper? If you are up to speed on your Arabic numerals, you will see that you can buy a kilo for 5 EGP (Egyptian pounds), which works out to about 32 cents a pound.

Hail the street vendor from your balcony, pop down to the street to buy a hand or two, hurry upstairs, and make banana pudding pie. If you want. :P

Guess who has dessert waiting for her? :D