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September 4th, 2012

An S-filled Sunday, part 1

First, sourdough pancakes for breakfast. We need a bellyful of fuel for the busy day to come. After licking (just kidding) the last drizzles of maple syrup from our plates, we head to the bay. Other surfers are leaving, making more room for J on the waves.  While he paddles out, the Sprout and I go a-bird tracking. 

surf and birds

The tractor that cleans the seaweed and small rocks from the tideline scared the ruddy turnstones before we could get close enough for pretty pictures. We decided to do some art on the beach instead.  Photo of finished project coming your way soon(ish). 

beach art

Art on the beach is fine...for a little while. Then you need to play with the sand. Building things is fun. Like a sand fish. The sprout added a mouth and turned it into a sharkfish, but then the waves came and ate it.

sand fish

Time to get revenge on the waves before heading home for lunch.

playing in the surf

That chapel-esque structure on Sainte Barbe is nothing of the kind. It is some sort of housing for a power or water unit...or something. I wanted to verify the last time we walking up there and forgot.

The rest of the Ss in post number 2...

An S-filled Sunday, part 2

For lunch, we have sourdough pasta, which the Sprout helps roll out.  We take a hilarious video of her weilding the rolling pin; sadly it is not yet edited. Perhaps I will post it along with the recipe for the noodles.

While the Sprout snoozes, I slip through the shadows, down hills and up, to our special spot on the coast.


Amongst the things I see there is this:


Can you guess what it is? Find out in part 3.


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