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June 30th, 2012

Of Dreams

I wanted to do sketches for these dreams, but if I wait until I have the time to get the sketches right, I'll never post. So:

A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that the Sprout was a shapeshifter. She first shifted into a purple, gerbil type critter, then into a strange thing I have no name for. It looked eerily like an elongated trilobite, but it/she was about 6 inches long and covered in beige and brown mottled fur with two furry appendages that she could curl up over her back like a scorpion's tail, but the appendages were a bit more mobile.  While in her critter forms, I followed her closely because she was just a baby shifter and might have problems changing back on her own.  She ignored me completely, her mind seemingly totally animal-like. No conversation, no human mannerisms.

 She was darting and scrabbling all over the sidewalk by an Egyptian cemetery--no, no pyramids in sight--so I sat on the steps leading into the graveyard to rest; she was as active as a critter as she is in baby form. I remember there was a strange smell, both intoxicating and repulsive, but now I can't recall what odors I thought of in the dream.  

I needn't have worried about her changing. She did a backflip, and POOF, was my toddler again. :P

We wandered down to the beach to find J. He was studying one of the pillar-like gravestones planted in the sand. Not in Egypt any more, though, judging from the names, which, naturally, I can't remember now. They made me think of a mix of Nordic and French is all I can recall.

With the waves pooling around the headstones, I wondered who would want to be buried in such a place, and my thoughts went to war veterans for some reason. I tried to memorize one of the names so I could look it up on the Internet, but I didn't write it down when I woke. :(

Then the next night, I dreamed the Sprout and I were riding double along a lane that passed between meadows and woods. It was one of those drowsy days where the sunlight is a golden presence in the air; and insects, their wings aglow in the syrupy light, hover above grass with nodding seedheads; and the smell of warm earth and cool tree shadow form an intoxicating perfume that makes you drowsy and revives you by turns.

Our horse was ambling along, head down, almost as if sleepwalking, following a flatbed wagon, whose heavy iron wheels squeaked with every turn. S and I were talking about plants, where we would camp that night, etc. when asakiyume rode up behind us and commented what a lucky girl S was, getting to learn so much and see so much beauty. (This dream must have been in relation to the comment you left on a recent post, asakiyume.)  I started to reply when suddenly, over asakiyume's shoulder, I saw a stone colonnade, somewhat like this, appear in the woods, its slender gray columns green twined and flower draped, its worn flagstones dappled with emerald and white light. 

"How beautiful!" I exclaimed.
asakiyume followed my gaze and nodded. "It is." Judging by her tone, she had seen it before.
As I stared, a portal formed in the archway in the distance. It opened onto Paris, the Eiffel tower framed in its center. And suddenly my sense of wonder vanished. "What a bore!" I thought. "Why not an exotic location?" 

Just a reminder

In case you forgot or didn't see it buried at the end of my long writing update post, tomorrow I'm going to be posting a snippet from my WIP, as is my friend frigg, who's journal is locked (:P) It'd be cool if you'd join us by posting a glimpse of your current creative endeavor, be it writing, painting, or a photograph of your project to mosaic all the trees in your garden, whatever...

The point is to inspire and be inspired enough to keep up your creative momentum.  If you are interested, just post in your blog with the subject Snippet Sunday.  


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