December 19th, 2011


Impeccable Timing

A white Christmas in Tirana? Not likely.  A rainy one, probable.

A couple of nights ago, we had a monster rainstorm with scads of lightning and thunder, which we enjoyed from the comfort of our apartment. 

Other people, with places to be, were not so fortunate.

The last photo was taken during lightning flash...

The next day, we wanted to take the cable car up the mountain, so we called Vlad the Taximan and he took us there forthwith. Only to discover that the nifty electric show had knocked out the power.

Great timing on our part.

It doesn't end there for me, though. I've been sick. Part of it is fatigue and the city pollution, but thought I might feel better if I went outside for a bit. Julien had forgotten his external hard drive at the house, providing me with the perfect reason to go out.  It was drizzling, but nothing major. I knew it was likely to rain, so I took the umbrella and was wearing S instead of having her in the stroller.  I'd gone halfway--in other words far enough to make it pointless to go back--when hailstones starting pelting us, ricocheting off the pavement and walls.  And of course the rain really began coming down in earnest.  My pants were soaked to my knees by time we arrived at the embassy.  S was as snug as a bug and didn't mind at all. She, naturally, thought the hail très interessant.