November 18th, 2011

art: guitton - housework

A list kind of day

It is beautiful out, but so was yesterday, and because I spent the morning and afternoon outdoors, I didn't get much done. Today, I need a little more focus so I can get to bed before midnight...and do so with a house that isn't untidy.

- Clean and cook the mushrooms I harvested yesterday
- Debone chicken and make red chili sauce
- make tortillas
- sweep and mop and vacuumed the bedrooms to boot. Doesn't take much to make me feel like Superwoman...
- Un/load dishwasher
- fold and put away laundry that is being washed as I type
- write 750
- art journal (haven't done this in a week!!!!)
- IF I get the above done: Go out for more mushrooms -- Not going to happen.  Gets dark too early now. Alas... :(
- Sort at least five more iPhoto albums
critters: maki - tasty

I miss those days....

The days of making my, obviously I really do miss my oven...ahem, the days of making my own bread, of days of baking and knowing my food was going to turn out and be cooked in the expected amount of time.*


*The other day, I tried to make a fig and rhubarb cobbler in the thing that passes for an oven in this apartment. Instead of 25-30 minutes, it took 2 hours to bake... You can imagine how dry the edges were when the center finally set enough for me to call it done.