July 31st, 2011

kickin' it island style

Still Down by the Loire

(Sorry in advance for the wacky formatting with the photos. I uploaded them to flickr and then posted here and LJ wasn't too kind about letting me play with the layout.)

I believe kids should explore their environment, hence letting Sprout play on the beach, but I know not everyone believes that babies should come into contact with "germs."  If such things bother you, look away...

If ever there were pictures of my daughter putting some pebbles in her mouth, I probably wouldn't post them.  Not that she would do such a thing.  

Down by the Loire6

Down by the Loire3Down by the Loire2
Down by the Loire1

Down by the Loire5Down by the Loire4
Down by the Loire7

Poor mite didn't want to go home. Er, yeah, right. That's not really why she was crying. Mean Mommy took a rock from her instead of letting her put it in her mouth.
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Here by Glimpses Known - Memorials

In every French town or village I've been in there is a monument aux morts, a war memorial. Often they cite the villagers who went off to defend their country and fell in battle, but just recently, I noticed two that are far more "personal" in that they commemorate a tragedy that happened where the monument is erected.

This first one is alongside a road I've taken many times over the years, but tucked, as it is, behind a hedge, I never noticed it until I took a wrong turn on my way to the butcher and had to back up.  
"Here fell Maurice Renne, victim of Nazi barbary, August 20, 1944."

This one I've seen several times--I drive past it at least once every week--but never really looked at, not until after reading the one above.

"Here, on August 26, 1944, the Germans shot down [list of names -- all members of the French Forces of the Interior
 ...Hommage to the F.F.I who died for the Liberation"

I was born to a different era, a different country, but it still moves me to see these cold, angular stones erected in place of men whose days of laughing and loving were cut short because of war.