March 26th, 2011

wayfaring wordhack

Home again, home again jiggety-jig

Welcomed back home by spring in full swing. Lovely!

The accompanying allergy attack, not so much.

Jetlag, heat, humidity, mosquitos, and ants aside, Soëlie seemed to like her first vacation*, especially the pool:

After getting her acquainted with the water, J decided she was ready to graduate to full immersion or "jumping" in.

Link to video:

Julien had to add the last bit because it looks like Soëlie is practicing how to say "Papa." She is already making the pa-pa sound, more than she makes ma-ma. I'm thinking papa just might be her first word. We shall see.

* For my part, I'm not sure Martinique was the best destination with a 5-month-old. Maybe it would have been better if we had been equipped to deal with the sunlight.  I stupidly thought we would find a baby sunhat there and didn't search more vigorously for one before leaving.  Not really the season for such accessories yet...
wayfaring wordhack

(One of) My current project

Because I was chatting with rabiagale  about it, I thought I would show what I'm working on this these days when I'm not sewing or writing:

It's going to be a lap blanket for the couch. If I can do three hexagons per night, I'll be able to finish mid-May. Just in time to put it away for next winter. :P I could have made progress if I had taken it to Martinique, but crocheting in Caribbean heat and humidity, no thanks.