March 14th, 2011


Have to change my icon

So, after this post, I went ahead and cut my dreads off the next day.  I thought about what asakiyume  said about de-investing the decision to cut of its importance and others' wise comments/questions about whether the dreads represented who I am, and out came the scissors.

Without going into a long ramble about the whys and wherefores of my decision, I concluded that I really was ready for a change. Period. And so....

Collapse )

It looks like she has a little Alfalfa thing going on. *lol*
wayfaring wordhack

Laugh Out Loud!

 Woohoo! Soële JUST had her first laugh, and then had two more in quick succession to validate it. Julien is off spearfishing, but luckily Uncle Mathieu was here with me as a witness.

And to celebrate, a photo collage (not taken today--I'll take some pics later to memorialize the day, though!):