February 3rd, 2011

wayfaring wordhack

Flist changes

I've gone through and deleted all the obsolete accounts and the doubled feeds I was following.  I inadvertently deleted a friend or two the last time I did this (!), but you guys are back on there now.  If you got a message saying I deleted you, please let me know because it was an accident (unless it is a message saying the feed for your private website was deleted).  rabiagale , I'll follow the link on your double-posted entries and comment on your site. :) 
wayfaring wordhack

The Adventures of Soëlie Anne: Soëlie, Meet Mr. Moose

The days and weeks are long when J is gone away on deployment. I miss him and his help around the house, and he misses seeing Soëlie everyday. So, when he is posted someplace that has Internet service, I send him daily updates, in photos, so he doesn't miss the sprout sprouting. A couple of examples:

Collapse )

Yes, I probably spend too much time playing with Photoshop when I ought to be sewing, knitting, cleaning; but Photoshopping is possible with a baby on the lap.  The other things, not so much.