January 15th, 2011

wayfaring wordhack

The joys of parenting a diaper-free baby

2:50 a.m.: Wake to full breasts; happily note S is stirring and wants to eat

3:00 : S finishes first breast; sleepily hold her over the bowl and am pleased to catch a big pee.

: Foregoes a cloth diaper, which she usually wears to bed, thinking I can be vigilant and catch pees all night and lays S on the puddle pad to give her second breast

: S is fidgety and won't stay on the breast; try to burp her then hold her over the bowl again. Nothing.

: S is verrry awake and excitable

: Hold over bowl again, knowing she's got to go. Still nothing. Try burping. Nothing.

: Wonder when the little Live Wire is going to run out of juice.

: Hear baby pass gas; put hand out to steady myself to turn on the lamp; put hand directly in hot poop. Scramble to sit up; get poop all the way to elbow and onto the edge of the duvet.

: Get light turned on.  Feel something warm on leg and see that S has finally peed and it has leaked off the plastic we put beneath the puddle pads and onto the sheets...

: Finally have a clean baby, a clean me, get my bedding sorting and a fresh puddle pad ready, still not prepared to diaper her.  Lay baby down, turn off lights. S starts squirming again. I check and see that she has peed.  Again...

And where is J in all of this?  Away on deployment, naturally. :P

In case it doesn't come through in the post, I was actually laughing about the whole thing. It was very Murphy's Law.  If you are going to try natural infant hygiene, go into it with your sense of humor intact.