January 7th, 2011

wayfaring wordhack

Banned users

A week or so ago, I tried to comment on a friend's entry, but LJ told me I was banned from doing so.  Thinking it a temporary quirk, I didn't say anything to my friend, but when it happened again, I asked my friend if she had banned me.  She hadn't and didn't understand what wasgoing on.

Well this morning, I happened to see that it had arbitrarily banned someone on my flist, too (secritcrush  -- you probably didn't realize you were banned but I fixed it now). What you do to fix it is to hover your cursor over a friend's little person icon without clicking anything. In a couple of seconds, a menu will pop up with the option "unban user." If the user isn't banned, it'll say "ban user" instead.

Stupid LJ.

ETA: Courtesy ofrigg : There's also a "ban-unban" feature under "Friends", where you can click and see who are on your banned list. Any accidentally banned friends might show up there as well.