October 11th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack


I have been silent of late, I know. I think about posting, I do.  It's just that it seems to require more effort that I feel like giving at the moment. All my attention is turned to nesting. I've made blankets and a mobile and burp cloths and nursing pads and bibs and hats and a sweater, not to mention leggings and a pair of split crotch pants.* I'm now waiting for an order of flannel to arrive from the States to make more goodies. Julien has made milk paint and painted a dresser for Little Bean; he'll turn his attention to shelves next.   Things are coming together.

On the health side, I've been feeling fine. Only had a little edema, but that has been better after seeing an osteopath to prepare my body for the birth. The osteopath said I was full of tension, concentrated in my stomach, liver, and pelvis, and asked if I was nervous about the birth.  Most days I'm not.   But when I think about how I'm not going to be able to have as natural a birth as I would like, it does get my stress levels up.  The best I can do is talk to the midwives, let them know my wishes, and then pray that the birth will be complication free so that they don't have to intervene overly much.

In other news, autumn!  Oh, sweet autumn, how I have missed you and winter.  Thank you for the lovely fall colors.  I'm looking forward to the chill days, the smell of woodsmoke on crisp autumn air, the early fall of darkness, snow... It has been long (I'm not really counting the snow we had in the States during our world trip last year because it was so ephemeral and since we were traveling, it wasn't quite the same as experiencing it in our own environs), and I'm looking forward to discovering the changing seasons again, this time as a mother. 


* J and I are giving the diaper-free baby concept a go. :)