August 16th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

A peek into my past

 Before I get to revisions for the day, a small peek at what I did weekend before last...

J and I drove to Paris to spend the day with frigg  and her husband. We met at their hotel and then, chatting all the while, strolled to Les Invalides and the Rodin Museum and sculpture garden.  J and I had been to the museum a couple of times, and revisiting it was like walking into the past, not only Rodin's but our own days when we lived in Paris. It was less a day of discoveries than memories.

After lunch in Bastille, we wandered around the art galleries of La Place des Vosges. (frigg , has C gotten into trouble with the law yet for his new knife?  I imagine you are not letting him tote it around.) How strange to see that the exhibits have not evolved all that much in the five years (at least) since last we visited.  Sadly, nothing really moved or impressed me. A short walk in the Marais, a long wait in front of the Hotel de Ville for a band who did not want to play, and then over the Seine to Notre Dame we went for a very subpar ice-cream. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for some to rest and others to drive back to their little village.  Thankfully the company was good! It more than made up for so-so ice cream and the band who could not get past the soundcheck. :D

Since neither couple is big on having its photo taken, I offer instead a few shots from Rodin's museum:

Certainly his most well-known piece.

This sweet little bust is "The Orphan of Alsace," and as I looked at her, I wondered if her life changed at all after Rodin used her as his model (assuming she was truly an orphan).  How did he recompense her? Did someone see the sculpture and want to open their home to her?  Maybe the museum's audio guide told the story... 

I wish I could have taken a more detailed photo, but sadly, she was behind glass.

I feel like I could step through that mirky mirror into the past, and if I lower my stare from the ceiling to the floor, I will see women in long, sweeping dresses, men in monochrome, staring back at me...