August 15th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

The Big Day

 It's August 15th, and that means it is First Day of Revision Pass Uno* on Witherwilds. Step one: Read all the way through without stopping to correct anything. Only note-taking is allowed.

Wish me luck.

Current project stats:

37 chapters
118K words
510 pages, printed (Scrivener says 310 paperback pages)

Right now, everything looks rosy, timewise, so I plan on being around the interwebs my normal amount. However, as my self-imposed deadline of Sept 1 approaches, I may make myself scarce.

*I'm trying something new this time around which is, do obvious minor tweaks, THEN get beta feedback on the project as a whole before ripping it to shreds on my own.  This is a stab at getting reader reactions to major issues before I content myself to polish things to death.  We shall see how it works out for me.