August 2nd, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

This is a test

 Still can't upload my bird's nest. Going to try with another file.

(This is a sketch for a watercolor I would like to do. She's going to be spring in a season-inspired series, bringing cherry blossoms in her wake.)

hmmm, seems to be working so far. I guess I'll rename the other file and give it another shot.
wayfaring wordhack

Bird's nest

Sorry for the image spam. Finally got the problem figured out, I think.*

A quick sketch with folk art  influences on my graphics tablet.  I really need to practice with the tablet some more because I have an idea to update my journal look using line drawings.  Still not easy for me to master the pen, but I'll get there.

(* I'm using photoshop elements and I didn't flatten the image before trying to upload it. Back when I had the full Photoshop version, any time I saved to jpeg, it would automatically merge the layers, but I guess Elements doesn't do that...)