June 4th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

Writing about Writing - Day 4

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

I’ve been a storyteller ever since I was a little girl, but I only started writing stories in Mrs Morris’s fifth grade class. The majority of my stories were about a rich gentlemen who hired two grave robbers to procure for him corpses which he would transform into gustatory delights. Eyeball soup and brain jelly being two such delicacies. Ahem, let’s just say that someone liked grossing out her classmates.

My first “book,” published in Mrs Morris’s class, was about a girl who lived in the Sahara. The details are hazy--probably as hazy as the plot was in the story--but the gist of it was this: She had two horses, Starry Midnight, a black Appaloosa with white spots on its rump, and Scarlet Casanova, a dashing sorrel with a long, flaxen mane and tail. The girl rode Starry to the capital, with Scarlet in tow, where the prince invited her into his palace and fell in love with her. She gifted him with Scarlet Casanova.

Um. Yeah.
wayfaring wordhack

Petit a petit, l'oiseau fait son nid*

* Little by little, the bird makes its nest.

And little by little I'm writing this trilogy.

After dealing for months with a combo of fatigue, world-travel, and the early stages of pregnancy, my creativity is finally beginning to resurface. The beginning of 2010 looks like a wash on the writing front, but I do have 5k to show for this year. 2.3K of that is from the past two weeks. frigg  helped convince me that I could at least put 100 words on the page per day. I have 3 non-writing days in there, but because I averaged 289/day, I'm still doing okay.  100 is so easy to get, too easy, so I tend to keep going, even if it is for a few words more.

As an additional goad, I've put the opening chapters to Witherwilds up on the OWW. I don't know if it'll work, but I'm hoping I'll feel encouraged enough to finish up the story. It might send me into a spiral of paralyzing depression, though. The shop can be good for that, too. :P

But twig by twig, word by word, I'll get it done.