May 19th, 2010


It's not you I hate, it's your nasty little habit

OK, probably going to offend some smokers out there, but:

I hate smoking.  Loathe it.

So, imagine my disgust that our downstairs neighbor smokes. And smokes, and smokes. So much so that we can smell it in our house.  it creeps up through the floorboards in the wee hours while we are in bed, for C comes in from work/partying anywhere between 11:30 pm and 5 am. 

I wake and light a candle in the essential-oil burner, but I still (or because of that?) wake with a sore throat.

And then the stench starts again around 10 or 11am when C wakes up.

It's his house and he can do what he wants, but it infuriates me that his nasty habit encroaches on our living space.

Does anyone have any experience with anti-tobacco wall plugs/ candles? Are they effective?  And while it might get rid of the smell, I guess I can't do anything for our lungs. :(

Thankfully we are moving into summer and can keep the windows open.  But what about next winter with a baby in the house? *wails*
wayfaring wordhack

Here by Glimpses Known - The French Countryside around Ménétréol-sous-Sancerre.  

From our house, if you want to get to the Loire River, first you must cross the canal (i'll have a pic of that later), and then you go over the Vauvise, where Julien and I used to fish for trout.  We brought the poles and tackle again, so there will likely be a few more fishing expeditions.

Just on the other side of this bridge, in fact,  is where some gypsies gave me a trout one year because my fishing efforts with two of my friend's kids were highly unproductive.

After the Vauvise, you have to pass through Crow Alley, where there pavement is white with crow missiles and the air is filled with their raucous cries. :PCollapse )
Lovely. In fact, I think I'll go for a stroll this evening.