March 27th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

Of course I knew better

While traveling, I wanted to write on Witherwilds, at times had to write. But I knew that the files I had uploaded to Google docs were not the most recent and therefore should not be improved tampered with. The updated files were on mana_trini 's laptop back in France.  Did that stop me from tweaking the old files, even knowing the mess I would have waiting for me once I got the newer files in my grubby mitts once again?

If you know me, you know it did not.

So, I tweaked; I added; I subtracted.  I created the Mess of Messes.

And now I must pass X hours finding a doc comparison tool for Mac and then laboriously comparing the files to make sure they are all up to date.  

Joy of joys.
My advice:  Don't try this at home -or- while traveling.  Headaches will ensue for sure.
wayfaring wordhack

Feel like giving your opinion... help out a fellow writer?

Part of the mess I created was writing two different openings for a chapter (which is also the reader's 1st intro to one of the POV characters). Now that I have both, I'm a little indecisive as to which is the best/hookiest. If you have the time, would you mind giving me your opinion on which of these openings (two paras each) appeals most to you?

Keep in mind that they are nowhere near being final drafts.  It is more the moment in time that I'm interested in. Don't let the colors influence you. :P

Collapse )

Anyhow, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

ETA: Took out the bit that tatterpunk  so judiciously suggested I could cut. Goodbye, flab! Maybe I'll get better at spotting you on my own one of these days. :P