March 3rd, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

Halong Bay, Vietnam

The number one reason we came to Vietnam was to visit the Unesco World Heritage site Halong Bay. With its 1969 islands, the bay is vast, and we only saw a very small part of it on our 3-day cruise. The glimpse was worth it, though. We may not have had blue skies, but the myriad isles and calm water were still lovely. And the lack of rain, a real blessing.

The PalomaSuite on the Paloma
The Paloma
Our boat. Definitely one of the top four on the water.
Suite on the Paloma
Our suite. Complete with private balcony. Why yes, we do know how to splurge...
Floating villageRower in bamboo boat
Floating village
The floating fishing village of Vung Vieng
Rower in bamboo boat
Vung Vieng seems to get by on fishing, pearl culturing, and toursim. Teenage girls and women, but some young men, meet the tourist boats in their little woven bamboo embarkations and row visitors around the village.
Kayaking foolsHalong Bay from vantage point
Kayaking fools
We took up the paddles, too. Had to get a little exercise!
Halong Bay from vantage point
After exercise for the arms, we hiked up one of the islands to get a different view of Halong Bay.

I'd like to say we didn't hear a single horn while out on the water, but like ol' Abe, I cannot tell a lie...

Ah well, it is Vietnam.*

*Thanks to the French; it'd be China, otherwise. ;)