February 12th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

Bangkok is...

 ... loud, busy, electrical wires draping willy-nilly like someone went wild with a can of black crazy string, polluted canals and murky rivers, and houses on piles, porches full of laundry...
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Bangkok is full of friendly people. It's vibrant. It's commerce and culture. It's not pushy.

Many travelers told us to get out of the capital as soon as possible, but I quite enjoyed it. and am glad we took the time to stay a few days. 

* Pink was EVERYWHERE: taxis, tuk-tuks, clothes, buses, flowers, umbrellas, ribbons, even surgical masks that people wear in the streets to protect against pollution and maladies.
wayfaring wordhack

The things I do - Thailand

 I ate a fried grub tonight.  Precision: I ate half a fried grub tonight.  Julien had the other half.

I could have had a cricket. I should have eaten the cricket.

Apparently, it was only crunchy and not so...filled with goodness.

So, grubs.  Not terrible, and pas terrible, in the French sense.  Maybe better fresh and hot. Not likely to eat a plateful of them any time soon.