February 10th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

Yet another photo link

 mana_trini  put up some more New Zealand photos.

Once again I'm letting the poor dear down.  This cold has got me wiped and coughing like my lungs are as hot and humid as the Bangkok air. The smoggy outdoors just isn't for me right now.  Once more, I shall stay in bed and rest while Julien enjoys galivanting around, this time: a night at the Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium.

Tomorrow, we leave Bangkok and head for Ayuthaya (spelling?). Hopefully I shall feel better then.
wayfaring wordhack


 I don't know what the deal is--if it is a nationwide thing like in New Zealand or a hotel connection thing--but my messenger service is not working.  Sorry to those I usually chat with that way.  I'm not hiding from you.  Just unable to connect...

ETA: I just remembered Yahoo! online web messenger. It isn't as stable as the downloaded version, but it seems to be letting me connect.