February 5th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

Aussie Friends, pt 2

It wasn't only meetings with online friends that was on the agenda for Oz; we also spent time on the Sunshine Coast with friends that we haven't seen in five years, Dom and Jill.  And we got to meet their kiddos, S and L, for the first time.

Collapse )Actually, in many ways, Oz reminded me of what it was to live in Mayotte. No, it isn't filthy, nor is it a small, Islamic island, but the parts we visited have the same humidity, many of the same plants, and even one of my fav buds from Mayotte, the nephile spider:

All in all, a very nice visit and we look forward to coming back for a longer one in some years. And Jill and Dom?  We expect you to be ready for another game of Time's Up.  Julien is looking forward to whipping you soundly again at Balderdash.