January 30th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

A day early

 The airline changed our flight times and otherwise messed up our travel plans so we had to leave New Zealand a day early or else pay pentalty fees for missing our connecting, independently-booked flight to Brisbane. So we're in Sydney before we should have been.

Joy.  They've also changed the time we are leaving Singapore, but for the moment, that hasn't affected our plans.

navicat , how are we going to go about getting together next week?
wayfaring wordhack

Mop and Johnny Frish Fush

(yes, we've left NZ, but I still have some things to say about it.  Heck, I still have things to say about Chile...)

The only thing better than meeting two characters in one day is meeting two characters in two days.

On the day of the first encounter, we were heading south from Lake Taupo. Wellington was the goal but we did not mean to reach it that night. Not long after leaving “Mount Doom” behind, we spied a hitchhiker standing on the roadside, yellow rain slicker draped over his black-and-red flanneled sleeve, mop of salt-and-pepper curls blowing in the wind.

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* I once picked up a hitchhiker in the middle of the night, in the boondocks, who needed me to drop him off in the dead center of nowhere. I kind of freaked at that one, but I said, ‘Ok, God, I’m doing someone a good turn here. I expect you to look out for me.’ I’m still here, so amen for answered prayers.