January 15th, 2010

wayfaring wordhack

Who's crazy here?

Ok, my fine friends, listen up and put the ticky where the ticky should go...

Poll #1511737 Can Miquela Fly?

Julien thinks I should go tandem skydiving; what do you think?

I think Julien is nuts, and Miquela should keep her feet on the ground.
Julien was right that Death Road would be good fun, so Miquela should JUMP!
I don't want to be responsible for Miquela's death, so I abstain
wayfaring wordhack

Time for some Photo Love for New Zealand

Seeing as how we are about to leave North Island and head to South Island, I thought I should show you what we've seen of New Zealand so far. This shall be sketchy to non-existent on the commentary front.  Sorry.

Bayly's Beach. One of our best mornings in NZ.

View of North Head from South Head near Omapere.  Another good moment, We've been rewarded when we've chosen to leave the main track.

Cathedral Cove on Coromandel Peninsula.

Julien tries his hand...feet...er, self at surfing, Raglan, NZ.

New Zealand countryside on a rainy day (with the obligatory sheep.  Yes, those fluffy little white specks are sheep). 

The pics of the caving experience are on a cd in the van, so I'll share another time