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October 12th, 2009

Happy Native American Day!

I wish we were still in South Dakota to celebrate it at the Crazy Horse Memorial.

I forgot to mention that our visit to the memorial was accidental. I knew the monument was far from being finished, so I had planned an alternate route to CSP. Due to the serendipitously poor weather, we had to reroute and passed right in front of the memorial. We literally passed it and only a half mile down the road decided to do a U-turn and visit.

I'm so glad we did.

The entry fee is a bit pricey, BUT! the money goes to carving the mountain. The government does NOT help with the funding; the foundation turned down a 10 million dollar offer of aid because Mr Ziolkowski (the man who began it all at the behest of Lakota elders) believed in the free enterprise system. The works advance solely on donations and people visting.

So! Go forth and visit.

Animal Outtakes

A few funny animals pics for you because J and I are killing time in the Silver Dollar Bar in Cody, Wyoming before going to sleep in the car in the Wal-Mart parking lot and because who doesn't like photos of fuzzy critters?

Tomorrow, Yellowstone.


"Wait, wait! Let me get my serious face on."




"Why can't I sniff my tail on camera? It's mine, isn't it?"


"Are you sure this is my best side?"


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