September 18th, 2009

wayfaring wordhack

This is me, trying not to panic

 Last week, we sent our passports to the Vietnamese embassy in Paris to get visas. We still don't have them back. We leave here on Monday, on a night train for Paris, to catch the early Eurostar to London. The embassy is closed on Saturdays.

When we try to get an answer out of them about where our passports are, they say we were (I'm paraphrasing here) stupid to send in our passports with such a short delay EVEN THOUGH *THEY* TOLD US IT WAS PLENTY OF TIME. Now they are denying they ever said such a thing.

Also, we got our belongings from Mayotte yesterday. Two boxes are missing.


WOOHOO! Scratch the above! Well, not all of it (not the bit about two missing boxes).

Julien just called the embassy (because they said they would call us and didn't). The receptionist said our passports were mailed out yesterday afternoon! 

We still don't have them in hand, but overall, things are looking better. Whew.


Passports have arrived with visas affixed. Hiphip HOORAY!

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