July 20th, 2009

wayfaring wordhack

The State of My Mind

 I had a waitressing nightmare last night.

I haven't waited tables in...oh, almost 10 years. But I still have nightmares of too many tables to wait, not getting the drinks soon enough, forgetting to turn in orders, customers pissed at me.

These dreams are a sure sign I'm stressed and feeling that things are out of my control.  I'm just hoping that now that the majority of the comparison shopping for the trip is over, I can relax.

I haven't even been able to write this weekend.

I killed off a character, and the writing that was going suddenly became a lot harder. I don't think it was sadness at seeing the character go so much as having too much on my plate to deal with.

At least I hope. I'm going to see if I can get some words now...
wayfaring wordhack

What now?

 I just realized I have to get a new passport before we go galavanting around the globe.

I don't have enough blank pages for entry/exit stamps and visas. Why? Because the airport police here in France stamped me it every. single. time. I left and came back to Mayotte. Even though I have a French residency card. Even though they are my husband's colleagues.

The bad of getting a new passport: The delay and cost. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

The good: NEW PHOTO, baby! The old one is horrid. *shudders*