July 19th, 2009

wayfaring wordhack

This is the last

 I'm watching my last rugby match in Mayotte today. Tomorrow, we have to take the satellite decoder back and cancel our subscription. The lady who bought the television is picking it up tomorrow, too. Not a big deal. Without satellite, there is nothing to watch here. Only one channel and we don't have a satellite to receive it.

This morning, Julien packed all the odds and ends that remain and took them to the Place du Congres, where there is a group "yard sale."

Isn't he a swell guy? He went to put up with that hassle while I stay home and watch rugby! :P
kickin' it island style

Our pockets are burned clean through

No more money incinerating our pockets, no, no, no. It's all gone into the ether today to purchase:

Round-world airfare
New Zealand campervan rental
New Zealand ferry crossing reservation.

So, yes, we have our official itinerary and dates. And joy! We will be visiting even more countries than previously planned and will be traveling for 7 months instead of 6. "Why not?" said mana_trini , so "Why not!" replied I.

Take note, friendses, and let us know if we could maybe meet up somewhere, somewhen:

22 Sept: London -> NYC
23-28 Sept : NYC
29 Sept -> 1 Oct :  Vermont
2 Oct -> 5 Oct :  Minneapolis
6 Oct -> 30 Nov : roadtripping: South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, NM, TX, OK (just for Thanksgiving)
30 Nov: DFW -> Lima, Peru
1 Dec - > 30 Dec : roadtripping Peru, Bolivia, Chili (possibly a little time in Argentina, but only right around the Bolivian/Chilean borders)
1 Jan: Santiago -> Auckland
2 - 31 Jan : roadtripping across the North and South Islands of NZ
31 Jan: Christchurch -> Sydney
31 Jan - 3 Feb : Sydney
4 Feb : Sydney - Singapore
5-7 Feb : Singapore
8 Feb: Singapore -> Bangkok
9 Feb - 13 Mar : roadtripping Thailand, Loas, Vietnam, Cambodia
13 Mar : Bangkok-> Mumbai
14 Mar -> 29 Apr : roadtripping: Mumbai, Goa, Hampi, Ladakh, Dehli....
30 Apr : Dehli - > London