May 5th, 2009

wayfaring wordhack

One of those days

 I know I've been going on a bit of late about how much I have to do, but after Camerone, I kind of just collapsed. I can't maintain the deflated state, though. I have to get busy. So.  List time.

Go to:
-  the bank  Julien did this.
-  the grocery store
- the Legion to pick up my earnings - I went, but they asked me to come back tomorrow
- the post office. No need

- tidy the living room
- clean the kitchen
- sweep and mop
- make two bracelets, a pair of earrings, and a necklace
- fold the laundry
- write 300 words minimum on Qeoe's opening

ETA: We're on our 3rd power outage of the day. I think I'm going to go to bed with candles and a book and consider the rest of today a wash. Oops. Power's, nope. Just went off again. To bed it is...