November 30th, 2008

wayfaring wordhack

Hurry! Books!

With all the net probs we've been having, I completely forgot to share this.  Better World Books is running a Thanksgiving promo (10% off a purchase of $40+ and 15% off $75 or more). To get the 10% reduction, you need to type "stuffing" in the coupon field, and for the 15% it is "turkey."  In the mail I received, it said the offer was good this week. I'm hoping it means today, too. I bought 11 yesty, and I got the discount... But tomorrow...probably not going to fly.

They ship* FOR FREE in the States and $3.97/book internationally.

BUY BOOKS! I want the industry thriving for purely selfish reasons. ;)

* I'd like to support bricks-and-mortar stores--and I do for French books--but for English, I have to buy off the net. That being the case, I'd much rather my money goes toward the causes the BWB supports rather than the monster corporations that I won't name here.  Maybe you feel the same.

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In honor of the rainy season

I'm going to do a whenever-I-think-of-it photo-a-day for a little while featuring...Water. I think that's appropriate given that the rainy season has well and truly begun, don't you? The rest of you (or most of you) have snow; I have rain.

This first one is for pjthompson . PJ, this isn't the panorama I mentioned a while back, but I made it because I've been thinking of you and your loved ones. I hope it transports you to a place of peace.


Le Voile de la Mairée (Bridal Veil) - Reunion Island, 12 Oct 2008
wayfaring wordhack

Yes, I'm spamming LJ; what of it?

Remember when I felt the power of my genius in regards to TTD? Well, it didn't take me long to plunge from those giddy heights, or, to pick up the analogy I used in that other post, for the world to rotate out from under me. In fact, it took all of a day after completing the editing pass. For, lo, I turned my attention to the query, and much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair was heard on the fair isle of Mayotte, dampened not a whit by the humid air.

I know I can write a blasted query; I did it for Witherwilds and think I was pretty successful at it.

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The trick? Write it before the book. Just a teensy tiny bit too late to do that with TTD. *sigh* But I will soldier on. I must...
The new icon comes from an actual game of Scrabble I played with mana_trini ; he formed "novel." I just had to add "rewrote."

Btw, we play in franglais (French+English) hence the "le." :P