August 13th, 2008

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Here by Glimpses Known

A sunset snapped in panoramic (and power-line) glory from our balcony. I don't think I wax poetic often enough about sunsets, and given the spiritual uplifting I experience when witness to a particularly lovely one, that's rather surprising. I guess part of that is because it's been a while--years in fact--since I've seen a breathtaking one. No sun-bathed hues I've seen in France or even in tropical locations like the Maldives or Mayotte can compete with the magnificence of the sunsets I stopped work and play to enjoy in Texas and New Mexico. The paradisiac locales lack the necessary dirt in the air. *g* Sorry about the wideness of the photo, but I made it as small as I reasonably could. :P

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Nobody of any real culture, for instance, ever talks nowadays about the beauty of sunset. Sunsets are quite old fashioned.... To admire them is a distinct sign of provincialism of temperament. Upon the other hand they go on. --Vivian, a personage created by Oscar Wilde*

*Vivian is a twit. I heart Wilde.
wayfaring wordhack

More news from the home front

Another letter today, still addressed to the old residence.

Also, a technician for the electricity came by this morning to "get information on the situation." As if we haven't explained it enough already. However, I explained again, and before I got more than one sentence in, he tried to stop me with, "Yes, I understand all that."* I continued, though, not convinced that he did indeed comprehend. Why else would he be here? Sure enough, he didn't understand. Anyhow, he wanted to simply switch the names on the forms (something that the last technician was already supposed to have done) and then be on his merry way. Without starting the neighbors' meter.

I told him that he should start it.
"Yes, but that's not what my orders are," he replied. "They must ferry to Grande Terre and..."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said. "They've already gone to GT. That's why you're here. That's why you have a file with their name on it." (EDM will *not* take such info by phone. I know. I tried.)
"Yes, but I'm supposed to verify the numbers..."
"The numbers that we've already given you several times. They can't move in until they have electricity, something they've been try to get sorted since last Thursday. Turn it on."

Why, yes, the neighbors now have electricity because of Miss Boss Floss. I think I'm going to turn into one heck of a busybody in my dotage.

* This "I understand" is, I believe, the equivalent of the annoying French peut-être (meaning "maybe) that drove me up the wall when I first arrived in France. Frex, I would explain a rule in English--not a wishy-washy one with a million and a half exceptions, an immutable one like "You do not say 'we was'"--and my students (who were adults, btw) would shrug and say "peut-être." 

Or I would say, "I saw so and so on the news  last night," to which they would answer.."maybe."

No, not maybe! I did, blast you. Are you calling me a liar??? :P
wayfaring wordhack

I almost forgot to share my Weird

learningtoread tagged me for this the other day, and I almost forgot to do it. Since footlingagain posted today about what a weird lot writers are, I guess this is a good time to affirm my sisterliness with the 'hood.

*deliberately leaves off rules*

Seven facts about me

1. I mostly grew up in a children's home.

2. I often dream I can fly, and when I do so, I don't look like Superman, rather I levitate, sitting (cross-legged or on an "invisible chair") or standing, and then zoom forward.

3. I sometimes get sentences or partial phrases stuck in my head, often things I want to say or wish I had said, and they play on endless, unstoppable loop.

4. My mother called me Thunderhead when I was little because I could hear a storm coming before anyone else.

5. I have an insufferable desire to be right all the time. I'm working on being wrong a little more often, though. ;-)

6. I'm left-handed. Before I learned to tell my right from my left in a consistent way (no one taught me the L trick with the left hand until I was a teen), I had to pick up something to see which hand I used naturally. Then, when I was seven, the thumb on my left hand got sliced open, giving me a nice upside-down, flipped-around J-shaped scar, and from that moment forth...instant reminder of which hand was the left. However, I still, upon occasion, tell someone to turn right when I mean they should turn left. :P

7. Neither mana_trini nor I proposed to the other. We literally just ended up getting married. Ah, the joys of not being fluent in the language of your love.

And there ends today's spamming of LJ.