June 28th, 2008

wayfaring wordhack

Am I truly that boring?

I wanted to do the three things meme that is floating about, but I can't think of anything to say. Perhaps I'm under a mistaken assumption that my life is fairly interesting, or maybe my memory is playing me foul. In any case, if I admit to, say, stabbing my older sister in the hand with a fork when she wouldn't share her apple with me*, then friggwill justifiably use it as evidence that I'm the evil pea. If I were to admit to taking a moment to try steal a baby guinea fowl for my little sister while already fleeing the scene of another crime, then my flist will truly start to wonder about my morality. And if I talk about that night in Paris when mana_triniand I snuck** into Parc Monceau...ahem, well, let's not go into any more detail about that, shall we? "Violent criminal" is enough of a label for me... 

* It happened like this: She was eating an apple on a fork. I asked for a bite. She said no. I asked again. She said yes but took the apple off the fork. I was very small and wanted to emulate my big sis, so I insisted she put it back on the fork and let me eat it like her. She refused. I took the fork, "and," she says, doing her best Paul Harvey imitation, "now you know the beginning of the story."

**I know some people are adamant about using "sneaked" instead, but what can I say? I'm from the Southwest (USA), and that's how we say it chez moi. That and "drug" instead of "dragged," as in "he drug out all his toys." :P 
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