March 1st, 2008

wayfaring wordhack

Numbers on the rise

Despite the various headaches, doubts, and thorny problems thrown at me of late by my two projects, despite being ill, getting flooded-out, and going on vacation, I've had two very productive months. With only three days of non-writing, my totals look like this:

46 days = 47,146 on The Bitter River
11 days = 13,020 on Witherwilds

For a grand total of 60,166 since Jan. 1st. Probably two of the most productive months I've ever had with my writing because the prose is  sound. Well, more so than the NaNo project where every paragraph contained at least one sentence in all caps.

I've also ironed out a few more kinks with the Witherwilds trilogy, and the overall plot arc is looking more sound while the world's mythos continues to deepen and expand. I just have to keep reminding myself to have fun with it. What's the point of writing fantasy otherwise?