February 6th, 2008

wayfaring wordhack

Here by Glimpses Known

Two glimpses that show one of the more practical facets of what Mayotte means to us: a lagoon with food in it! It's changed our lifestyle to eat so much fish every week (and helped our pocketbook), and spearfishing is

mana_trini's new sport.


J with one of his catches.

A squid eye. It's been awhile since we've gone fishing for calamari.


wayfaring wordhack


I'm going to have to find the same level of detachment I found for bellydancing if I'm going to continue going to African dance class. It was so much fun last year with the live music. This year, the teacher (a different one) uses CDs of music that isn't African; it's fusion. It's nightclub music. It sucks. 

And what sucks worse is that she seems to be lacking in inspiration where moves are concerned. We do the same six or seven moves every class, and at least two of her favorites are jumps. She does them to EVERYTHING, even when they don't match the rhythm. I know that Senegalese dance is very ariel, but because we *did* have a different teacher last year, I know that's not all there is.

I thought she would get a chance to recharge her batteries over the Christmas break, but we did even fewer moves tonight and listened to the same song at least five times, while a drum player sat out in the courtyard. *snarl, rage, whine*

In addition to that, I am so out of shape. Everyone is worn down during the rainy season, but it liked to kill me to complete the class.

footlingagain, I tried to think of 7 endings during the class, but I couldn't. I was too frustrated. However, on my walk home, I came up with three and got a fourth at the house. How'd you do?