October 30th, 2007

wayfaring wordhack

Spot the rhetorical question

Can those on my friends list who do yoga give me a run down of what dvds, books, etc. you use for your workouts?


Does anyone know how to format a letter or journal entry in a manuscript? I read in a source that I'm not really sure about that I should double indent on the left AND right sides. That seems a bit excessive. Any ideas? Italics or no? 


Why is the whole of the Top 14 not shown on the regular cable sports channels? And why is Rugby+ not offered on Canal Satellite Réunion? Even if I wanted to pay €4 a month for the channel, they won't let me. *sigh*


Would any of my friends who have that Query Voodoo (or just a masochistic bent) be interested in shredding commenting on my query, which will--I vow it on the stack of dirty supper dishes--be completed by week's end? I'll set up a filter and stick your name on it if you say yea.