October 7th, 2007

wayfaring wordhack

On top of the world!!!!

In the North vs South rugby matches today, England and France snatched the wins from Australia and New Zealand.  Yeah, I feel on top of the world!

Next week: England vs France.

What do you think, footlingagain? Les Bleus or Le Quinze de la Rose?

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wayfaring wordhack

Tiako I Madagasikara (I Love Madagascar--nothing to do with the political party)

5 :30 comes early no matter where you are, but in the tropics, it is a soft and scented coming.


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* We bought a liter and a half of wild honey in Ambariomena, and it cost us 7500MGA, less than €1.50 a liter. O.O

** Jo says, “If you are suffering from tetanus, reach in the back of your drawer, pull out four or five cockroaches and squash them, making sure the juice runs on the open wound. If you prefer, you can drop the roaches in boiling water and drink the infusion...” Also, “if you’ve just been bitten by a centipede,” Jo says when a four-inch one crawls out of his sea chart, “catch the centipede, crush it, and apply its juice to the bite.” I’ll have to remember that next time I have an unsavory encounter with one of the hundred-legged horrors.


*** The king is really an everyday kind of Joe. He fishes like everyone else, has a home like everyone else, harvests rice like the rest. But he is a respected voice when decisions have to be made.

wayfaring wordhack

Aw man

There for a few minutes, I thought Fiji could take it. :-( Now it is up to either Scotland or Argentina to take the South Africans out.