September 10th, 2007

wayfaring wordhack

Too Many Irons

Tomorrow, J and I leave for ten days. This'll be our first holiday in about a year and a half, if not two, and yet I don't feel like I need a vacation. Or rather, if I were to pick a truly vacation-y spot to head off to, it'd probably be somewhere with snow. *lol*  Going to another island in the Indian Ocean doesn't really feel like a big get away.

Aside from watching rugby this weekend (lots of ouchie scores. Thanks, Namibie, for a decent match), my days have passed in a blur of busyness.  Lots of cleaning (ick), some sewing. I would like to make a tank-top before I leave tomorrow, but with my nonexistent sewing skills, it'd might be better to wait until we get back.  We'll see how my morning goes.  I at least want to hem up the pants I made since I plan to take them on our trip.

Saturday, I "finished" my color painting. Unfortunately, the pics I took are not exceptional because of the failing light in the studio.  Ah well, I'll have it at the house after my hols and can take another picture then.  I still have to put in the balcony anyhow. Because it needs to be done in acrylic, it won't take that long and it is something I can do at home. 

Here's an almost done view:

Marcel wasn't really hot about me doing a fantasy scene from my imagination, so now I'm going to start a copy of another artist's painting.  I didn't even really look at the name of the painting or the artist. Just kind of pointed at something when Marcel asked me what I wanted to do next. He told me how to divide the image into squares/rectangles and then increase the size (I'm doubling the dimensions) because I've never done that before. He then proceeded to show me how to copy the image onto my larger work using the grid system. And I got it. Even before he showed me. But he kept going. And going. Because my time was up for the day, I told him I would take over when I get back from hols (he'll be on vacation then, back in France), so I'll be working on my own.  Well, we saw Marcel on Sunday (lunch at another art student's house), and he told me that he had continued working on my drawing! The cheek as footlingagainwould say. I'll just have to set aside what he did and start over. I'm not painting from his drawing. What's the point of saying I did something myself (even if it is a copy) if the teacher is going to do half the work (unasked to boot)?

Tonight we had Bertrand and Nuria over for supper to give them our keys and show them how to clean litter boxes. *lol* The joys of house-sitting for pet owners.

Guess that is the end of my rambles. Bed calls and I must answer...