August 24th, 2007

wayfaring wordhack

She's Back! aka The Buddy System

My friend Nuria is back from Spain, and yesty arvy, while J was out surfing, we spent a lovely couple of hours sipping tea and catching up. 

I'm really happy about the way my summer went (finishing my ms, my art lessons, the jewelry making*, the boat outings) except where exercise is concerned. Now that Nuria has returned, we will get back into our walking schedule. In September, my writing hiatus will be over, and I get the feeling that I'm going to be a well-rounded person once more. And that's made possible because I either need a buddy or a goal, preferrably one that has external origins or ties.

~ For the art, I have Marcel and the lessons. Nothing like having a teacher to enforce discipline.
~ For the jewelry, I have the Christmas market to work towards. I know I need to do a few hours every day, either creating or preparing materials.
~ For the writing, I use novel_in_90or similiar "challenges" to motivate me when my will flags and I start making excuses.
~ And now, as I said, for the exercise, I have Nuria!

 * navicat I have five or six completed pieces now, so I'll upload some photos this arvy.