July 22nd, 2007

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Magical Morning

I stayed up all night, reading. No, not HP. Julien worked the night shift, and I was awake to greet him when he got home at a little past five. Since the bakery was just opening, we decided to go get breakfast and discuss our previous day and night (he was already gone to work by time I got home from my art lesson). The sun hadn't risen yet, so the  fragrance of frangipani, jasmine, and Rangoon Creeper (aka Chinese honeysuckle) was still heavy on the air. Cocks were crowing; we could hear them singing up the sun from all over the island because there was nary a car on the streets. Coming back home, munching still-hot pains au chocolat, we watched the sky go from indigo to greenish gray as the sun rose behind La Vigie, the highest point on Petite Terre. Over cups of toffee-perfumed tea and chaussons aux pommes, Julien told me about seeing three whales last night (if you can read French, his account is here), and I told him about my art lesson and showed him my sketches.

Then off to bed we went...to sleep until 11:30. That means I got just over five hours of sleep. It's a wonder I'm still awake. J is napping on the couch, trying to build up his strength for another night on the lagoon.  A few blocks over, at la Place des Congrés, there is a function of some sort going on. This involves music blaring through perforated speakers, teenagers singing karaoke, and dancing, either alone or in groups, to the encouragment of their peers. Oh, and one seemingly unbreakeable law of such fêtes is that they must play the same song, at least five times, and perferably every. other. song. (It used to be anything by Sean Paul; today it is "Beautiful Liar" by Beyoncé & Shakira.) How Julien can sleep through that, I have no idea. 

I'll just use this opportunity to say that I think karaoke ought to be banned in public. It ought not be permitted in open air where anyone and everyone is subjected, over and over, to sounds similar to cats fighting, cats in heat, or just cats period.

Now it is time to wake my man for tea and banana muffins...
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