December 19th, 2006

wayfaring wordhack

Filling the days


Not much going on on the writing front these days, in fact, no new story words since my last word meter post. However, I did have some thoughts about characters, motivations, and cool world-building stuff while doing the dishes yesterday. I was beginning to fear that this book wouldn't be one to talk to me at odd moments like that, and I would hate for it to be so. I think I have some of my best ideas and biggest breakthroughs while doing non-writing related things, and if I can't get *some* use out of housecleaning (I know a clean house should be its own reward), I just might go prematurely insane. Yes, I know, some of you, won't name any names *cough* frigg *cough* think I've already achieved that enlightened state.

There will be words today. Maybe even an end if I'm feeling particularly productive and ambitious. But I'll settle for words.

In other news:

I recently planted two varieties of tomatoes (one trad, one "golden nugget"), lettuce, and spinach. Everything is sprouting nicely except the lettuce. It isn't make a very good showing yet, but I haven't given up hope. I need to buy a few more pots to plant bell peppers, parsley, and thyme. It isn’t very practical not having a proper garden, but if we did, our plants wouldn’t survive the rainy season, so pots it is.

After three years of only getting trims (stopped highlighting my hair five years ago), I decided to go in for a new hairstyle. Since my hair is waist-length, it took four days and 20 or so hours, but I now have a new look. Yay me. Took the plunge and did something I've wanted to do for a long time. frigg I *will* send you a pic.

And after four months here, we got a tv and satellite (Mayotte only has one channel). I had told J I didn't want one, but I decided that if I'm ever going to do crafty stuff, I "need" (and yes, I use the word loosely) a television. I don't work well without the distraction. Weird, but that is the way it is. So, Merry Christmas to us a bit early.

Speaking of early, J is supposed to be home at 3:00 today, so I need to get to writing and tidying. I slept like the dead until 9:45 (because rabiagale and frigg kept me up until midnight, and I had to recover from the hair ordeal), so I'm getting a late start.
wayfaring wordhack

Fewer bones

Well the skeleton needed fewer bones than I thought it would. I now have a finished draft; an ugly draft, an ungainly draft, but a finished draft nonetheless.

Not only did I finish with TBU, I also got all of my cleaning done for today AND went for a walk. So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty chuffed, sleepy, but chuffed.