October 6th, 2006

wayfaring wordhack

Buying Time

That is what I'm going to be doing, literally. I'm going to start "buying" my Internet time with words. 100 words = 30 minutes of net time. Ran out of time checking LJ? Too bad. Log off, write your 100 words, and then you can start reading again. In the middle of chat and the timer dings (I don't have a timer; I'm being figurative, not anal), and sorry, friends, you know I love you, but I must earn my right to talk.

Annnnnnnd that's not all. I'm going to buy my writing time with chores. I can't write until I've accomplished at least one household task, be it dishes, sweeping, folding the laundry, sewing a pillowcase. Knowing how much I love to surf, I have great hopes for this new disciplinary tack.

Already this morning, I was itching to get on the net, which made me want to finish my dish washing spree, so I could write, so I could post about what I did last night. But I have to get some other stuff done this morning before I can report in on last night's events.

That encourages me to fold some laundry, so I can write, so I can...