September 25th, 2006

wayfaring wordhack


I interrupt my plans to bring you more photos to present: Shop talk! It has been ages since I've written anything. My newest material on TTD dates back to March. And I think my last short story attempt was in April or May. I've never been blocked so long, and maybe talking about writing will get the inspiration going once more.

My response to stillnotbored's post was getting kind of long, so I posted the essence of it there and will continue to muse on my own page to protect the uninterested.

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I think it is fine and dandy to say that I do such and such when I'm writing, but it is quite another to pull it off successfully.  Upon further reflection of my character echelon, I think that those in positions to change do not necessarily do so.  If I had to catalogue the changes, I would say I'm into "Re's"--I have a "Realization," a "Relinquishment," and a "Rebuff."   Yet, come to think of it, the Rebuff is not even something that is followed closely enough for that final rejection to count.  Um, not developed enough as in non-existent.  Oh dear.  So, in fact there is no rebuff.  *Maniacal laughter ensues*  OK *thinks, thinks, thinks*  *feels a breakthrough concerning the ending coming on.*  As a result of this rewrite, I knew that one character thread would end differently, and yet, I didn't know how.  I decided to just wing it until I started getting close and, hopefully, as a result of lots of motivation-mining, the characters would take over.  And voilà.  I just had an epiphany.

Thanks so much stillnotbored for asking those questions.  I may have gone off on my own tangent, but it is exactly what I needed to do.  I may not be itching to get back into the writing, but epiphanies are a good place to start!