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September 11th, 2006

Oooo, Barracuda

I'm back from my birthday adventure!  I'm am now much more familiar with Grande Terre.  Julien rented a car (ours won't be here until the end of this week or the beginning of the next), and we drove around the southern half of the island.  We had a destination in mind, though I didn't know it.  Not long after we left Mamoudzou, I saw my first makis.  kmkibble, I'm not sure they will be a worthy guard.  They fled as soon as Julien got the camera out.  At N'gouja, we went snorkeling with sea turtles.  The other day, I was very tame with my estimate of the turtle we saw from the boat.  Yesterday, I was able to measure one in the water and it was easily three foot across (the shell) and five foot long, and I don't think it was as big as the one I saw from the boat.  Unfortunately, we didn't see any turtles laying eggs (that sounds funny.  Is it the right term?), but we aren't moving away anytime soon.

We had a lovely supper: lots of fish (of course), banana flowers, and crème brulée perfumed with ylang-ylang, among other things.

This morning we went diving, and I had a funny feeling that sharks were going to be au rendez vous. And would you believe it?  One was!  A hammerhead.  BUT, we didn't see it.  A man in the other group did.  *pout*  Oh well, dolphins did jump out of the water to wish me a happy birthday, so I'm content.  Yeah, let me believe the show was for me, okay?  The visibility was excellent, and I saw my first school of barracuda.  I saw another Napolean, more eels, lots of lionfish, and a cute little black trunkfish, not to mention another lyretail hogfish, which was definitely a hogfish.  Oh yeah, I saw a "poisson feu" and a trumpet fish, too.  When we got back to the hotel, I went snorkeling in the bay and saw a ray, an octopus, a porcupine fish, more turles, a yellow trunkfish.  And the list goes on!

 bkdunn, thanks for the birthday wishes (LJ is correct.)  The pics are going to have to wait until I have a program to resize photos.

And now I must go.  The mosquitos are attacking.



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