May 2nd, 2006

wayfaring wordhack

We have lift off

Maji ya ujaya kayaendrelewa mbiyo.

On ne court pas après la marée montante.
(You have to know how to wait.)

Monsieur et Madame Faure will be leaving the fair land of France for the hot and humid isle(s) of Mayotte on August 15th, and they will thereupon pay an exorbitant rent for an apartment on Dzaoudzi, tan, snorkel, dive, feed lemurs from their balcony, gorge themselves on tropical fruit, bathe in essence of ylang-ylang, learn Shimaore, give daily thanks for the invention of AC, save poor geckos from their ravening cats, and battle the moustique tigre to keep from getting chikungunya fever.

Monsieur will do his best to help uphold law and order, and Madame will (if things go according to plan) do her best to inflict her native language on the young prisoners of national education when she is not writing, exploring, or mermaiding.

Baãda dhiki faradji.

Après les difficultés, le bonheur.
(after difficulites, happiness)
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