January 1st, 2001


It's vintage


I've been without a computer for almost 2 weeks. It's been in the shop and I got a call after a week*: "You have x, y, and z as problems. However, your laptop is more than 5 years old, and as such Apple considers it vintage and no longer makes the parts. You can come pick up your laptop at anytime. There are no service charges."

Gee. Thanks. Talk about about consumerism mentality.  I understand that technology is innovative and therefore changes, but I know I can get parts for the machine outside of an Apple shop,** so why doesn't Apple sell them to me instead of forcing me to go somewhere else? I'm sure not going to lay out the huge chunk of change necessary for a new machine when I can repair this one.

So, sorry I haven't been keeping up with everyone.  I'm still having the issues and it is a pain to use the laptop right now, so I can't promise to do any better before I get things fixed. I'm thinking about you all, though, and hoping things are going well in your corners of the world.

* They could have saved me a nice wait by asking from the get-go how old my laptop is.

**"So," I said to the salesperson, "I'll just have to get my parts on the blackmarket, I guess. Like at the computer mall just off the corniche."

"Yes," he said, "they'll have what you need."