The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

If you want to see a few pics can check out this first post* mana_trini made about Peru. As I said to pjthompson , I haven't felt much like taking photos of late, but we did snap a few the other day before the sickness got us. I'll upload those in a little while and post 'em, along with some commentary on the countryside--for PJ and anyone else who's been waiting on that kind of report.

* Yes, that is guinea pig Julien is about to take a bite out of. My thoughts on the meat: Meh. Not bad, but cooked to death (har-har) and pretty fatty. I had the bit by the stomach, so the taste was a tad stronger and the smell wasn't very agreeable. Julien and Emily (a Welsh girl we were with) quite enjoyed their pieces and didn't smell anything odd.
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