The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Peru: Sanitarios públicos, restrooms, loos, WCs, whatever you want to call them

In general, "the facilities" in Peru are not the cleanest I've ever been in. Many a Peruvian woman seems adverse to flushing the toilet after she's made water.

The restrooms also lack toilet paper and toilet seats.

However, sometimes you only think there is no paper when, in fact, it is in a dispenser outside the stall or, in one case, completely outside the restroom. I bet many a tourist wish he, but especially, she would have noticed before dropping his or her drawers...

Moral of the post is: Always keep some TP in your pocket and do lots of squats in preparation of a visit if you plan on coming Peru way.

This friendly bit of advice brought to you from a bus station in Lima, where we've spent the morning waiting on our bus to Cuzco. Expcet the next bit of travel wisdom/observation tomorrow.
Tags: peru, round-the-world, south america, wisdom of the day
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