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A whirlwind catch-up

We drove down to the Grand Canyon and got our first view of it from the Watchtower, the tower actually being my favorite part of canyon. A kindly park ranger let us use the bbq of a campsite so we could grill our steaks (we didn't want to pay $26 just to pitch a tent). My sister-in-law is a little afraid that we aren't eating well, living out of the car and camping as we are. Sizzling ribeyes, roasted aubergines (that's for you, frigg , because, yeah, it's a better word than eggplant), and baby spinach ought to set her mind to rest. The tower and cookout were the best parts of the park. Getting woken up at midnight by a park ranger telling us we could not sleep in our car was the downside. He invited us to go to the campground and pay the 26 bucks for the privilege of parking our car. Yeah.

We ended up leaving the park and driving six miles to Tuyasan and sleeping in the parking lot of the National Geographic Visitor center, our car hidden behind two tour buses. The next day, we took a brisk walk along the rim of the canyon and then left for Monument Valley.


Not a bad camping spot with that view, eh?

After Monument Valley, we headed to Mesa Verde. Here are a couple of pics of the Spruce Tree House ruin that we visited. I admit to reaching a point of saturation and told Julien that I didn't really care to go see the Cliff Palace.

It was decided that we needed a break, so we drove to Durango a day earlier than planned. Dave and Susan, two fellow travelers we met in Mesa Verde recommended the hostel they were staying at, and seeing as how we were due for showers, we decided to check it out.

If you are ever in Durango and need a place to stay, you should look it up. Durango Hometown Hostel is clean, stylish, affordable, and full of nice people. The nice boarders may come and go, but Candace, the nice owner, will always be around.

Today, we leave for the Great Sand Dunes.  Looking forward to more dunes! May we have lovely light and good times.
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