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"Thanks" to blistered feet...

Julien and I slept in a hotel in West Yellowstone, Montana last night instead of hiking 3 or so miles to our planned (and reserved) backcountry campsite. I was sitting in the driver's seat, puncturing the blisters on my feet and dreading putting on my wet hiking boots, when Julien reminded me that I should not try to be a hero, inciting the time I did this to my feet. I bowed to the sentiment of wimpiness and embraced the thought of a shower and a clean head and off we headed to the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, thinking to rent a cabin with a fireplace.


The only available room for the night was going for $215, without tax. The parking lot out front was empty, but do think they'd give us a ore reasonable rate? Since we drove out of the park to Montana, I guess you know the answer to that.

We're going to camp one lat night in Yellowstone, with a much shorter hike to our site, so I guess I can do a wrap up of our days in the park. Overall, I think it is a lovely park, but it doesn't quite live up to the grandiose image I and various photos/shows, etc. have painted in my mind.

I think we saw more animals in Custer State Park and because I had no preconceived ideas about Custer, it pleased me more. We still have the Grand Prismatic Spring and Morning Glory to see today or tomorrow morning, so I'm holding out hope of being wowed. We're just disappointed that we haven't seen any bears, wolves, or moose yet. In the Grand Tetons, there are supposed to be lots more moose, so maybe our luck will turn.

Check out is in a few minutes, so I'll leave you with a few pics of the park.


This is the Garnet Hill Loop, an 8 mile walk through rolling plains of golden grasses and silvery sagebrush, along the Yellowstone River, and a meandering creek that cuts through pine forests. It looks like we are heading into a storm, but we only got showered once and briefly.


Mammoth Hot Springs, perhaps a less typical look than the main cascading spring at the entrance.


Sunrise on Grebe Lake, site of our first backcountry camping adventure in Yellowstone. The walk to the lake was rather monotonous and interestless--lots of damaged, felled trees--but the lake was nice.


Yellowstone Canyon under the unforgiving rays of the late morning sun, thus taken in sepia.

Next update from somewhere around the Grand Tetons.

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